Law Society Rule changes

The Benchers have adopted Law Society Rule 4-17 (1.1) to clarify that, when the Chair of the Discipline Committee authorizes a citation against a lawyer, any three other Benchers may order an interim suspension pending the hearing of the citation.

Rules 2-41 (8) and (9) have been amended to provide the Executive Director with the discretion to extend a leave of absence for an articled student, provided the student will be eligible for call within two years of his or her enrolment, and subject to the student's right to apply for a review of the decision to the Credentials Committee or apply to the Committee for a longer leave than that which the Executive Director has discretion to grant. Rule 2-42 (2) allows the Executive Director to grant temporary articles, not only to B.C. law school students, but also to those at any common law faculty of law in Canada.

These rules, as amended, are posted on the Law Society website; amendment pages will be issued in the next mailing.