2001: No. 4 July-August

Temporary lawyer mobility in the west — B.C. lawyers can now work in other western provinces up to six months a year

President's View — We need to rethink the role of lawyers

Ethics Committee to review lawyers' participation in First Canadian Title "Home Closing Services Program"

Chapter 14, Rule 10 of Professional Conduct Handbook — Broader range of non-lawyer staff can be reflected in marketing materials

Amendment to Chapter 6, Professional Conduct Handbook - Lawyers can act for one client against another client in limited circumstances

From the Ethics Committee - Marketing by limited liability partnerships from outside B.C. | Off-site and independent contractors working for law firms

Practice Tips Questions and Answers - How does an independent contractor bill a firm? (clarification) | When is GST not billable to the Legal Services Society? | Can a bank take funds directly from a lawyer's trust account for a wire transfer?

From the Supreme Court of B.C. — Draft guidelines for television coverage of court proceedings: submissions invited by October 1 | Proposed family law procedures, effective January 1, 2001: comments invited by September 30 | Changes to chambers practice — filing window