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For immediate release November 8, 2004

Law Society disciplines BC lawyers

VANCOUVER — Pursuant to its statutory duty to govern BC’s legal profession in the public interest, the Law Society of BC has disciplined the following lawyers (the lawyer’s year of call to the BC Bar appears in parentheses). Hearing reports are posted on the Law Society’s website at

David Jacob Siebenga (1987) of Surrey, BC, admitted professional misconduct for:

Acting for the vendor, purchaser and mortgagee in a real estate transaction without disclosing each party’s interests to every other party and without obtaining each party’s informed consent.

Breaching his fiduciary duty to the purchaser in the same real estate transaction by not disclosing a profit made by the vendor.

Mr. Siebenga consented to and the hearing panel ordered that he be reprimanded, that he pay a fine of $3,000 and costs of $2,500.

Timothy John Hordal (1976) of Abbotsford, BC, admitted professional misconduct for breaching an undertaking and making false representations to another lawyer. On June 17, 2004, a hearing panel ordered that he be reprimanded, that he pay a fine of $12,500, that he be suspended for two months commencing Aug. 7, 2004 and that he pay costs of $5,000.

On appeal by the Law Society, the Benchers increased the suspension to six months, rescinded the fine and upheld the reprimand and costs.

Martin David Jones (1996, non-practising July 31, 2002, ceased membership, Jan. 1, 2003) was found guilty of professional misconduct for:

Failing to satisfy judgments entered against him and failing to notify the Law society of those judgments.

Failing to produce files, books and records pursuant to a Law Society investigation.

Failing to take all reasonable steps to ensure the privacy and safekeeping of a client’s confidential information.

Failing to respond to Law Society communication.

Failing to meet professional financial obligations.

Failing to account for all funds received from clients.

Failing to serve clients in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner.

Misleading a client about the status of his legal matters.

The hearing panel ordered that he be suspended from practising or from being able to apply to return to practice for a period of one year commencing Sept. 1, 2004. Mr. Jones was also ordered to pay $7,755 costs.

James Douglas Hall (1994), of Victoria, BC, admitted breaching an undertaking in a real estate transaction. A hearing panel found him guilty of professional misconduct and ordered that he be reprimanded, that he pay a fine of $5,000 and that he pay costs of $4,332.

Interim Suspension

Raghbir Singh Basi (1989), of Victoria BC, was suspended pursuant to s. 39 of the Legal Profession Act pending the conclusion of the hearing of a citation against him for failure to respond to Law Society communications.

The Law Society of BC was founded in 1869 and is the governing body of the legal profession in BC. It is an independent organization funded by dues paid by all BC lawyers. Under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society is responsible for the licensing, professional conduct and discipline of the more than 10,000 lawyers in BC.

For more information on the regulation and discipline of lawyers see the Discipline Hearings section of the Law Society’s website.

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