From the Supreme Court of B.C.

Television proceedings

(Press Release - Chief Justice Brenner: April 18, 2001)

"The Court has agreed as a matter of court policy that there shall be no broadcasting, televising, recording or taking of photographs in the courtroom or areas immediately adjacent thereto during sessions of court or recesses between sessions, unless the parties to the proceeding consent and unless prior permission has been expressly granted by the presiding judge, following application upon timely notice to the parties, and subject to such conditions as the presiding judge may prescribe to protect the interests of justice and to maintain the dignity of the proceedings.

The Court will also be preparing guidelines for the broadcast or televising of the court proceedings. To ensure general acceptance, these will be prepared by the judiciary in consultation with the bar, the media and others with a demonstrable interest."

Changes to chambers practice

(Notice to the Profession - Chief Justice Brenner: April 19, 2001)

"Rules regarding changes to chambers practice will come into effect throughout the Province on July 1, 2001. The changes contain many of the positive features of Rule 65, the pilot project introduced in Vancouver February 3, 1997, including the requirements for exchange of material before a date for the hearing is set and communciation between parties or their counsel as to available dates and time estimates.

Rule 65 has greatly improved chambers practice in Vancouver by reducing the number of matters that are adjourned and by providng the Court with organized, responsive material. The new rules were drafted to include the benefits of Rule 65 and to recognize the concerns expressed by counsel, particularly those practising outside Vancouver, that the requirments of Rule 65 are too onerous for short applications. Chambers records and outlines will not be required for applications with time estimates of 30 mintues or less.

The practice direction issued [April 19] addresses those aspects of the scheduling of chambers applications not fully addressed by the Rules of Court. Accordingly, it should be read in conjunction with the amendments to the Rules."

[Note: The Practice Direction "Changes to Chambers Practice" can be accessed on the Superior Courts website at]

Changes to Supreme Court Rules

Judge Macaulay, Chair, Rules Revision Committee, reminds the profession of a number of changes to the Rules of Court that come into effect on July 1, 2001.

[Note : Changes to the Supreme Court Rules, can be accessed on the Superior Courts website at]