Court interpreters

Video on court interpreters provides insights

Would you benefit from knowing more about the court interpreters you work with? If so, you may be interested in a new video, Points of Departure: ethical challenges for court and community interpreters, produced by Vancouver Community College and the Open Learning Agency.

Although directed at court interpreters, the video may also help lawyers recognize situations that could potentially compromise an interpreter's impartiality or accuracy. For more information, contact OLA by telphone at 1-800-663-1653.

VCC looks to lawyers for new mock trials

As part of its court interpretation program, Vancouver Community College holds at least eight mock trials at UBC's moot court each year to give students a taste of the courtroom. Having used the same scenarios for many years, VCC would be very pleased to receive from lawyers imaginative, yet true-to-life, criminal fact patterns for new trials.

If you would like to volunteer, the requirements are: 1) an outline of the case (250 words) 2) an outline of testimony (one page per witness) and 3) any exhibits that should be introduced in the course of the trial.

To offer a scenario, or for more information, feel free to contact Dr. Silvana Carr, Coordinator of the VCC Certificate Program in Court Interpreting, by email ( or by telephone at (604) 443-8399.