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Professional liability insurance protects lawyers who are liable for negligence and ensures that clients receive compensation to which they are entitled. The insurance is provided under Part A of the BC Lawyers' Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance Policy, as part of the Law Society's insurance program managed by the Lawyers Insurance Fund.

Every BC lawyer in private practice must pay the annual insurance fee ($1,750 plus tax, 50% discount for part-time practitioners) unless exempt.

Lawyers not in private practice – retired, non-practising or in-house counsel – do not generally pay the annual insurance fee, although if you are a trade union, society or public legal services lawyer, you may choose to, if you wish.

Lawyers who do not pay the insurance fee are still insured under Part A for claims that arise after they leave private practice, and for certain pro bono services.

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The policy requires you to report to the Lawyers Insurance Fund in writing immediately if you become aware of an error or any circumstances which could reasonably be expected to be the basis of a claim, however unmeritorious (Condition 4.1 of the policy) 

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My Claim: Questions and Answers


My Insurance Policy: Questions and Answers. Discover your insurance policy. Learn the basics, what’s covered and what’s not, and your responsibilities as an insured lawyer. Understanding uncovered risks is important so that you can either avoid or manage them.

You can also check the list on the right for specific information about coverage. Everything listed is also available through My Insurance Policy.

Policies and endorsements issued since 1999.

Preventing Claims

The Lawyers Insurance Fund wants to help lawyers avoid mistakes and claims. Read our publications and articles to help lawyers manage risk and avoid claims.


Coverage resources

My Insurance Policy: Questions and Answers
(includes links to the specific information listed below)

Business and benefit exclusion  
Indemnities and dispute resolution agreements

In-house counsel

Employed and dependent contract lawyers outside of private practice
Trade union, society and public legal services lawyers

Part time and retired lawyers

Part-time practice
Lawyers no longer in private practice, including retired lawyers 

Practising law outside of BC

Providing services outside of BC
Mobility in Canada

Providing other services

Director, committee member or similar roles 
Mediator or arbitrator (includes family dispute resolution professionals)
Executors, trustees or other fiduciaries
Pro bono
Solicitor property sales 

Conveyancing Protocol 
Multi-disciplinary practices (MDPs) 

Excess and other commercial insurance products

My Insurance Policy: Questions and Answers also explains how much insurance is available and what claims and activities the policy covers. You will want to talk to your broker about buying additional insurance to protect yourself from the risk of claims that exceed the policy limits or are not covered. For more information, read:

Excess insurance: Protection for claims that exceed $1 million
Other commercial insurance: Protection for claims that our policy does not cover
List of excess and other commercial insurance brokers 

For other questions about coverage for hypothetical claims, before a claim arises, contact an advance ruling advisor.

For a proof of insurance, contact Member Services.