New workstations in courthouse libraries

The B.C. Courthouse Library Society now offers computer workstations in 25 courthouse libraries across the province. Each computer features Quicklink software to permit Quicklaw searching and access to the BCCLS website, which includes the library's online catalogue.

The online catalogue allows users to search for materials in the collections of all the Society's libraries or connect to legal research sites available on the Internet. Check the BCCLS website links page and "What's New" section, which is updated regularly with information on new books, recent B.C. proclamations, recent federal proclamations and recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions.

The BCCLS website is also equipped to handle reference questions, photocopy orders, loan requests or purchase suggestions.

For further information contact BCCLS Information Services at (604) 660-2841 (toll-free 1-800-665-2570), e-mail to or through the Society's website at