Juricert expands its Pilot - register at juricert.com

Juricert Project Manager Dale Jackson visits with Vancouver lawyer Sandra Draibye at McCarthy Tétrault to introduce Juricert and demonstrate the PrivateExpress digital courier software, which allows users to send, receive and track the receipt of messages and attachments reliably and securely over the Internet. PrivateExpress is now available as a pilot offering to all practising lawyers in B.C. who register with Juricert Services Inc. Juricert — an initiative of the Law Society of B.C. in cooperation with other law societies through the Federation of Law Societies of Canada — authenticates the professional identity of lawyers, for use with PrivateExpress and other online services.

What is Juricert?

Earlier this year the Law Society of British Columbia, in cooperation with the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, began an important initiative. Juricert Services Inc., a federally incorporated company, was established to provide lawyers with more secure and reliable options for using the Internet in their practices.

The first step was to create reliable digital identities for Canadian lawyers called Trusted Digital Credentials™ (TDCs). The second step was to identify and negotiate with vendors to provide Canadian lawyers with secure optional services based on public key infrastructure technology (PKI) and using these Trusted Digital Credentials.

What is PrivateExpress™?

In June Juricert signed its first operational agreement with a PKI-based service provider, PrivateExpress Inc. This digital courier service allows users to send, receive and track receipt of messages and attachments over the Internet reliably and securely. The PrivateExpress™ software has a user-friendly interface and functions similar to email, but each transmission is securely "locked" on sending and "unlocked" on receipt, using PKI technology, in particular, the world-recognized Entrust® encryption technology. This provides a much higher standard of confidentiality and proof of delivery than standard email. (For more on Juricert and on PKI technology, see the January-February, 1999 and May-June, 1999 issues of the Benchers' Bulletin, available on the Law Society website (www.lawsociety.bc.ca) or Juricert website (www.juricert.com).

Juricert is currently evaluating a number of other external service providers and is expected to enter into agreements with appropriate suppliers to allow lawyers to:

  • undertake secure electronic movement of funds from trust accounts; and
  • participate in government e-filing and on-line registry applications.
Juricert welcomes lawyers to register

Lawyers can now apply for Trusted Digital Credentials via the Juricert website at www.juricert.com. A lawyer can fill out an online application, print the application and have it witnessed. Once the authentication process is completed by the Law Society, Juricert will create a private, secure TDC electronic record for that lawyer. With these credentials, a lawyer can then register with PrivateExpress to exchange messages and documents electronically with other Juricert-authenticated users, having confidence that the identity of the person to whom they are sending a message has been authenticated and that the message is secure through leading-edge encryption technology.

The professional status of B.C. lawyers who receive TDCs from Juricert will be identifiable in all communications within PrivateExpress through distinctive icons appearing beside lawyers' names. The Law Society is funding PrivateExpress as a member service for practising lawyers through 2001.

The clients and staff of law firms can also register with Juricert in order to take advantage of the PrivateExpress service, at a very reasonable cost. For more information, see the Juricert website or watch for details in upcoming communications from Juricert.

What can you expect to see from Juricert?

In November Juricert will begin an informational campaign to let practising lawyers in B.C. know more about Juricert authentication and the benefits of receiving TDCs. If you do not receive the email bulletins or mailing packages, please contact support@juricert.ca. Watch for:

  • A series of short email bulletins. These will be issued to all practising lawyers for whom the Law Society has email addresses. Taken together, the emails will offer a good introduction to Juricert.;

  • A mailing package that contains the Juricert-enabled PrivateExpress software and a "Quick Start" Guide. This package will enable you to register with Juricert and establish a PrivateExpress account;

  • A series of presentations to law firms. These presentations will help firms register for Trusted Digital Credentials and for PrivateExpress; and

  • A series of technical presentations to IT professionals working for law firms. Assistance will be available to IT professionals in assessing and implementing PrivateExpress in the legal community.
Need more information?

If you are a practising lawyer interested in more information about Juricert, or would like to register now, please visit the Juricert web site at www.juricert.com.

Lawyers in large or mid-size law firms may wish to have their respective technology committees or IT departments contact Juricert directly for details on how to install or manage the PrivateExpress software

In addition to the online registration system, the Juricert site offers information about Juricert and PrivateExpress, with links to other websites for more detailed technical information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Juricert support team:

Telephone: (604) 605-5357
Toll-free in B.C. 1-800-903-5300 (local 5357)
Email: support@juricert.ca