Bruce Woolley, Q.C. resigns as Bencher, Vancouver by-election called

It's hard to compete with the lure of warmer climes. Bruce Woolley, Q.C., a Bencher for Vancouver since 1996, has left his firm Stikeman Elliott and resigned as a Bencher for Vancouver to accept a position as General Counsel and Vice-President of Bank of Bermuda.

Over the past four years, Mr. Woolley has served on the Law Society Executive Committee (1999-2000), Equity and Diversity Committee (Chair,

1998-1999), Audit Committee (Vice-chair, 1998-2000), Bench and Bar Committee (1999), Electronic Registration Task Force (Chair, 1998-2000), Multiculturalism Committee (Chair, 1998), Discipline Committee (1996-1997, 2000), Liability Insurance Committee (1996-1997) and Gender Equality Monitoring Committee (1996-1997). He has further served as a member of the CBA Provincial and National Councils, as a Director of CLE and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the UBC Faculty of Law.

With Mr. Woolley's departure as a Bencher, a by-election has been called in Vancouver district for December 19, 2000. The call for nominations is underway, with a deadline of November 14.

Another Bencher by-election is underway in Westminster district, scheduled for November 15, 2000, to replace Karl F. Warner, Q.C. who retires as President and a Bencher at year-end.