Save $300 again next year

CLE course voucher program renewed for 2001

With renewal of the Law Society/CLE course voucher program for 2001, every insured lawyer* in B.C. will once again enjoy $300 in discounts on CLE Society of B.C. course registrations.

The course voucher program holds several benefits:

  • You are eligible for two discounts of $150 ($300 in total), which can effectively cut the cost of registration to almost half for your first two CLE course registrations in 2001;

  • You realize the savings immediately, upon registration (and you won't need to use the paper voucher; because CLE will record and track all registration discounts);

  • Vouchers are valid for all CLE Society courses in the year 2001, not just selected courses.

Perhaps you haven't yet taken full advantage of your 2000 vouchers? It isn't too late to register for a course this year. Looking ahead to next year? Watch for the December issue of CLE's Exceed magazine, which features details of course offerings for 2001.

* The voucher program is funded by the Lawyers Insurance Fund. To redeem a voucher, the recipient must be a practising insured member of the Law Society of B.C. as of the course date.