Video for the Deaf on the justice system is a first in Canada

See You in Court is a unique video that brings information on the law and the courts to the Deaf community in B.C. Filmed entirely in American Sign Language (ASL) in 1998, the video is the result of an intensive two-year partnership between the Law Courts Education Society and the Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf.

This educational video illustrates the process involved in criminal, civil and family matters. It is captioned in

both English and French. All of the actors and most of the video's production crew are Deaf.

The need for the video was identified by the Jericho Individual Compensation Program (JIC). JIC's dealings with Deaf applicants for compensation (former students at Vancouver's Jericho Hill School who experienced sexual abuse) revealed that there was a significant need to reach Deaf communities with information about the justice system.

The video may assist lawyers in helping Deaf clients understand their basic rights and criminal and civil procedures. The video is presented in three parts, each approximately 30 minutes, and is accompanied by a viewer's guide.

Henry Vlug, a Deaf lawyer from Vancouver, has served as a valuable member of the project team. Developing the video was just the first step towards ensuring that Deaf people have equal access to the justice system. The Law Courts Education Society has also held workshops with members of the Deaf community respecting the justice system.

To order See You in Court and its viewer's guide or to enquire on behalf of clients about future workshops, please contact the provincial office of the Law Courts Education Society at Tel. (604) 660-9870 or by email at The video (in open or closed caption formats) and the guide are available to law firms for $75 each. A portion of sales are provided to the Deaf community.