Law Society seeks nominee to Airport Authority

The Law Society is seeking expressions of interest from B.C. lawyers to serve as the Law Society nominee to the Board of Directors of the Vancouver International Airport Authority.

The Authority describes itself as a local, community-based corporation managing a publicly owned asset for the benefit of the community. According to the Authority's Governance Circular, "[t]he Board oversees the business conduct of the Authority and the activities of management. The Board's fundamental objective is to ensure that the Authority fulfills its objectives on an ongoing basis and operates in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner. Its responsibilities include: reviewing, adjusting and approving the strategic plan, operating budgets and capital expenditures; maintaining the integrity of internal controls and information systems; and planning for Board and management succession."

This appointment is suited to a lawyer with experience in corporate and commercial law and an understanding of business issues. The Law Society will require its nominee to give an undertaking to resign from the Board if the lawyer, or the lawyer's firm, intends to do any legal work for the Authority. The Authority pays an honorarium to directors; however, prospective candidates should be aware that the Law Society is currently reviewing its policy with respect to its nominees to outside bodies retaining such an honorarium.

The term of the appointment is three years.

If you are interested in being considered, please send your curriculum vitae to the Law Society, attention David Newell, Corporate Secretary. If you wish further information, please contact Mr. Newell by telephone (604) 443-5723 (toll-free in B.C. 1-800 903-5300) or by email to