Land Title e-filing initiative delayed

The electronic filing system under development at the Land Title Branch (see January-February, 2000 Bulletin for background) will be delayed six to eight months because the Land Title Branch has terminated its relationship with DMR Group Consulting and is seeking a new technology developer.

The Ministry of Attorney General has announced that it remains fully committed to this e-filing project and intends to continue to work with the Law Society, the Information, Science and Technology Agency and other stakeholders to ensure that the system meets emerging standards for e-commerce.

Under revised projections, electronic filing at the LTO would be available by late 2001 or early 2002.

* * *

The Law Society of B.C. is continuing to work toward becoming a certifying authority for B.C. lawyers to ensure the security of their electronic filings with public registries, and is leading discussion of this role with the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, law societies and state bars in other countries and other governing bodies in B.C.