New website

The Law Society recently rolled out its new website, which has been completely overhauled to achieve a number of objectives.

websiteIn addition to a more contemporary look and feel, the site has been reorganized to be more user-friendly, provide greater transparency to Law Society work, and to take advantage of current best practices in web design. The new site is intended to provide better access to information for all key stakeholders, particularly lawyers, the public and the media.

“We’ve always had an extensive amount of information on our website,” explains Robyn Crisanti, Manager, Communications and Public Relations, “but it hasn’t always been easy to find. Instead we have organized content based on our users and their needs, not our internal processes or departments, which we hope will make finding things more intuitive.”

Prior to “going live” with the website on March 7, 2011, the site was made available to Law Society staff, Benchers and over 20 lawyer and public test users, who provided valuable feedback. “We have made a number of changes in response to the input from our test users and we will continue to make changes to constantly improve the utility of the site,” said Crisanti.

To view the site, go to Any feedback or suggested changes can be sent to


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