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For immediate release May 15, 2001

Chief Justice McEachern praised by Law Society of B.C.

VANCOUVER – Law Society of B.C. President Richard Margetts paid tribute to B.C. Chief Justice Allan McEachern on the chief justice's retirement.

"Chief Justice McEachern will be remembered around the world as one of Canada's greatest jurists," Margetts said. "He was a great reformer who revolutionized court procedure by introducing new rules that made the court system faster and cheaper."

Margetts also noted Chief Justice McEachern was a world leader in using modern technology to open the courts to the public. "He pushed the courts to develop a website so the public could have instant, cost-effective access to judgments. Then he went a step further by hosting his own website and inviting the public to e-mail their questions about the legal system. He was certainly the first judge in Canada ¾ if not the world ¾ to make himself accessible to everyone through the internet."

During his 21 years as a judge ¾ 10 as Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court and 11 as Chief Justice of B.C. ¾ Mr. Justice McEachern earned a reputation as an intelligent and insightful judge keenly committed to the justice system, Margetts explained.

"Chief Justice McEachern was in charge of B.C.'s courts during the period of their greatest change. He was appointed to the Bench at a time when fax machines were a novelty and he retires at a time when his own judgments are distributed worldwide through the internet. He leaves behind a tremendous body of jurisprudence and I hope he continues to serve the justice system in his retirement," Margetts said.

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