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For immediate release March 18, 1999

Lawyers disciplined by Law Society of BC

VANCOUVER - The following lawyers have been disciplined recently by the Law Society of British Columbia, the governing body for BC lawyers. The lawyer’s year of call to the BC Bar appears in parentheses.

Lyon Thomas Finkelstein (1969), of Courtenay, admitted professional misconduct for failing to meet financial obligations to a title search company, even though the disbursements were paid by the clients for whom the services were performed. As penalty, Mr. Finkelstein was fined $7,500 and must pay an additional $2,500 in Law Society costs.

Dan William Jamieson (Man. 1979, BC 1994), of Campbell River, was suspended for eight months and must pay Law Society hearing costs for being found guilty of professional misconduct. Mr. Jamieson admitted to fabricating letters and lying to the Law Society during the course of the Law Society’s investigation into his conduct.

Lloyd Anthony Johnson (1981), of Victoria, voluntarily resigned his membership with the Law Society and admitted to professional misconduct involving the administration of a client’s estate, particularly breaching trust and fiduciary duties and misleading clients and the Law Society on a variety of related matters. Mr. Johnson has agreed not to reapply for membership to the Law Society prior to January 31, 2001 and must pay $6,000 in Law Society costs.

George Thomas McNabb (1987), of Vancouver, has been disbarred from the practice of law after being found guilty of professional misconduct for dishonesty in advancing his client’s position, lying to the Law Society and counselling his client to swear a false affidavit. As part of his penalty, he must pay hearing costs to the Law Society. Mr. McNabb is appealing the decision.

Kenneth Nicholas Taschuk (1977), of North Vancouver, was reprimanded, fined $7,000.00 and must pay hearing costs for professional misconduct in breaching an undertaking to another lawyer. The decision is under appeal by Mr. Taschuk.

Christopher Michael Trower (1980), of Vancouver, resigned from the Law Society and undertakes not to reapply to the Law Society. Following his resignation, Mr. Trower was found guilty of professional misconduct for conflict of interest and charging excessive fees.

Retired Law Society member John Jacob Volrich (1952), of Vancouver, has been found guilty of professional misconduct for practising law while under suspension. Mr. Volrich is suspended from practising law for three years and must pay Law Society hearing costs of approximately $4,500. Mr. Volrich is appealing this penalty decision. The appeal hearing is scheduled for April 29, 1999 at the Law Society building.

Interim suspensions and undertakings to cease practice pending investigation:

William Graham (1996), of Vernon, has agreed to an interim suspension pending the Law Society’s investigation into allegations that Mr. Graham has mishandled client files and mishandled client funds. This interim suspension of practice does not imply findings against or admission of guilt by Mr. Graham.

Edward Frederick Kenny (1972), of Vernon, has agreed to cease practising law pending completion of a Law Society investigation into allegations that Mr. Kenny has mishandled client funds. This voluntary undertaking to not practise law does not imply findings against or admission of guilt by Mr. Kenny.

With over 9,000 members, the Law Society of British Columbia is the governing body for the BC legal profession. Its chief executive officer is the Executive Director and its senior elected official is the President. The Benchers are members of the Board of Directors. The Law Society’s principal responsibility is to uphold and protect the public interest in the administration of justice and set standards for the education, professional responsibility and competence of practising lawyers in the province.


Note to Editors:

Details related to each discipline decision can be obtained by contacting the Law Society’s Public Affairs Department. The following documents are available:

  • citation
  • hearing reports (agreed statement of facts, decision as to verdict and penalty)
  • hearing exhibits
  • Discipline Digest and Discipline Case Digest summaries

Note also that hearings are generally open to the public; please check beforehand. Media may request a list of upcoming hearings or hearings that await decisions as to verdict and penalty.


For more information, contact:
Elizabeth Cordeau, Public Affairs Manager
604-443-5724 or 1-800-903-5300 toll-free in B.C.
604-836-3257 (cellular)