Questions and Answers re: Public invitation to apply for appointment to hearing panel pool

The following are some of the common questions we receive regarding our invitation to the public to apply to our hearing panel pool.

What is the time commitment involved in being in the hearing panel pool?

Establishing a hearing panel pool is new for the Law Society so we are not entirely sure what to expect. However, it is intended that each member of the hearing panel pool will sit on one to three hearings per year, depending on the overall number of hearings and the availability of the individual member of the pool. Most hearings are one or two days, but a few are longer. Occasionally, a hearing will run across one or two days and then reconvene again at a later date.

What is the nature of the training and how long does it take?

Each non-lawyer member of the hearing panel pool is required to take the basic two-day training course in the fundamentals of administrative law and Law Society law and procedure. There are two other optional courses available, both of which are two days long.

Who pays for any expenses (travel costs, etc.)?

The Law Society will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred.

Are hearing panel members paid for the position?

The Law Society pays non-lawyers an honorarium for hearings. The current amount is $250 per hearing day and $125 for a non-hearing day involving travel time.

How much advanced notice do you give of an upcoming hearing?

The amount of advance notice of a hearing will vary, but most will be set at least a month in advance. A few will be set on a more urgent basis.

How many public members do you expect to have in the pool?

The size of the pool has not yet been determined, but we are hoping to have about 25 non-lawyer members of the public available for our hearing panels.



Qualified individuals are invited to send a résumé no later than June 30, 2011 to:

Jeffrey G. Hoskins, QC
Tribunal and Legislative Counsel
Law Society of British Columbia
845 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, BC  V6B 4Z9