Commemorative certificate luncheon

Commemorative Certificate Luncheon

The Law Society hosted a luncheon in Vancouver on April 29, to honour lawyers celebrating milestone anniversaries in the profession in 2011. Receiving 50-year certificates, unless otherwise noted, were:

Back Row (left to right): Donald Andrews (60 years), Paul Daniels, QC (60 years), Robert Spring, John Campbell, David Hart, Ed ­Mortimer, QC, Sherman Hood, QC, Ronald Stewart, William Wright, William Sullivan, QC

Front Row (left to right): Foster Isherwood (60 years), Connie Isherwood, QC (60 years), Brian Smith, QC

Not pictured: Walter Bergmann, Hon. John Fraser, QC, Cyril Ross Lander, Ralph Loffmark, QC (60 years), Ronald Lou-Poy, QC, Brian Lowe (60 years), Christopher Randall, Norman Severide, QC (60 years), Gerald Sinnott, Ian Stewart, QC, Humphrey Waldock

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