Consultations with profession underway on e-filing

In January the DMR Consulting Group — which has been retained by Land Title Branch to design the LTO electronic filing system — carried out workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster and Kelowna to seek feedback from several real estate practitioners, paralegals and notaries.

More recently, DMR has undertaken a survey of B.C. lawyers and notaries whose practice consists of at least 10% real estate work to find out the technology they use and their interest in using e-filing. Law Society Executive Director, Jim Matkin, and Director of Statistics & Development, Adam Whitcombe, assisted DMR and the Land Title Branch in conducting this survey to help ensure the design of the e-filing system reflects the needs of lawyers.

Updates on the electronic project are available on the Land Title Branch website ( The Branch and DMR plan to publish answers to the most commonly asked questions. Lawyers can send questions to DMR Change Management Consultant Gina Donaldson at

The Law Society is also monitoring and providing input on the project. If you have any questions or concerns you wish the Society to address, please contact Ron Usher at the Law Society office (see page 2) or at