An upcoming workshop series

"Marketing Tips, Techniques and Technology: The Keys to Satisfied Clients"

How does marketing — good and bad — affect the public’s perception of lawyers? Research shows that effective marketing strategies and tools improve public confidence in lawyers and what they do.

The challenge is to determine what marketing strategies and tools are appropriate for each lawyer, practice and law firm. From communications materials and advertising to using technology proactively to reach out to clients and prospects, lawyers need to spend their marketing time and money wisely.

With that in mind, the Law Society Public Affairs Manager Elizabeth Cordeau and Practice Management Advisor David Bilinsky are planning a series of free workshops for the profession later this Spring called "Marketing Tips, Techniques and Technology: The Keys to Satisfied Clients." These workshops are designed to help lawyers develop marketing programs tailored to their individual needs by identifying marketing activities that work and showing how technology can be used to maximize a lawyer’s marketing efforts.

Watch for registration materials and check for updates in the events calendar on the Law Society’s website at

For more information, contact Ms. Cordeau at (604) 443-5724 or