Law Society to charge for print versions of Benchers’ Bulletin and Member’s Manual

Electronic subscriptions continue to be free for members

Beginning in 2012, all lawyers who elect to receive the Law Society’s publications in print form will be required to pay a nominal fee to cover printing and mailing costs.

About half of all BC lawyers choose to receive Law Society publications, including the Benchers’ Bulletin, Member’s Manual amendment packages and Insurance Issues, in electronic format.

“The costs to print and mail these materials have increased steadily in recent years,” explained Robyn Crisanti, Manager, Communications and Public Relations. “Now that over 5,000 lawyers are receiving these publications electronically, the Benchers concluded that the costs associated with the print subscriptions should be paid by those who receive them.”

The Law Society will charge only enough to recover its costs – about $50 per year for a full subscription to all publications. Lawyers will have the option to receive either just the Bulletin or the Manual at a reduced rate.

“Details will be communicated to lawyers in the next several weeks,” said Crisanti, “and they will have plenty of time to decide if they wish to continue to receive printed publications before the first mailing in 2012.”

“We are also hoping that more lawyers will choose the electronic option for publications as a part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact.”

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