Committee on Relations with the Judiciary

The mandate of the Committee on Relations with the Judiciary is to:

  • assist lawyers who need emergency assistance in the course of a trial or other proceeding in circumstances where such assistance is requested by the judiciary; and
  • provide advice and assistance to lawyers who wish to make complaints about judges, or who wish to argue that a judge’s conduct has manifested a bias against the lawyer’s client, and in suitable cases would raise the complaints directly with the judiciary.

How to access the committee

The committee acts independently of the Law Society, responding directly to requests for assistance from the Bench and Bar in carrying out its mandate.

Communication with the committee by judges and lawyers is voluntary and the committee does not communicate with or report to the Law Society on particular cases.

To access the services of the committee, please contact one of its current members directly:

J. Kenneth McEwan, QC (Civil) 604.891.2400

Ian Donaldson, QC (Criminal) 604.681.5232

Dinyar Marzban, QC (Family) 604.681.6564

Background on the committee

The committee is comprised of at least three practitioners, drawn from the civil, criminal and family litigation bars, and respected and trusted by the members of the judiciary and the profession.

Appointments to the committee are made by the President of the Law Society, following consultation with senior members of the judiciary and the profession. Appointments are for an indefinite term and subject to annual review.

The committee was originally formed in the late 1990s,drawing its mandate and terms of reference from the 1997 Protocol between the Law Society and the BC Courts Respecting Concerns that Arise in Ongoing Proceedings (the 1997 Protocol)

If you have any questions about the committee, please contact a committee member.