In the Community

The Law Society is committed to giving back to our community and supporting the charitable energy of our employees.

The legal community

Rural Education and Access to Lawyers – In 2011, the Law Society agreed to a two-year commitment to support Rural Education and Access to Lawyers (REAL), an initiative sponsored by the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch and the Law Foundation of BC and designed to attract new lawyers to small and rural BC communities.

Pro bono – Each year, more than $145,000 of the fees paid by lawyers to the Law Society go to the Law Foundation to support pro bono, or free legal services for those in need. The Law Society also contributes staff resources to the annual Access Pro Bono Advice-a-thon.

Law Week – The Law Society co-sponsors Law Week, an initiative of the Canadian Bar Association, which explores access to justice issues with the public through a variety of means, including public forums. See also Law Society revealed: a one-day insider’s view through Twitter.

Public Commission on Legal Aid – In 2010, the Law Society provided funding support for Commissioner Leonard Doust, QC to consult with the public and legal and social service agencies throughout the province. Recommendations were made in the Report of the Public Commission on Legal Aid in BC.

Charitable organizations

Employees of the Law Society organize a number of workplace activities and are proud to contribute to a variety of charitable organizations each year.

United Way – Law Society employees passed our goal for the 2012 United Way campaign and raised over $39,000 to do our part in building a healthy, caring, inclusive community.

Canadian Blood Services The Law Society supports Canadian Blood Services by making arrangements for employees to donate blood during company time.

Children’s Hospital Jeans Day – Our employees actively purchase buttons every year for Jeans Day to help fund urgently needed equipment and research on childhood illnesses at Children’s Hospital.

Sun Run A team of our employees participate in the annual Sun Run to raise funds to support literacy programs and amateur athletics in BC.

Take Our Kids to Work Program Each year, the Law Society participates in The Learning Partnership's Take Our Kids to Work program and organizes activities and learning experiences for employees’ Grade 9 children.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank – In 2013, our Employee Council sponsored a food drive that resulted in over 500 food donations. Staff then helped sort and shelve the items at the Food Bank.

Emergency Shelters and Transition Housing Our Employee Council hosted a YWCA charity drive in May 2011 and collected 20 boxes of household items from staff for Munroe House, Crabtree Corner and Emma’s Child Care Centres.

The Law Society donates any leftover foods from meetings and events to the Catholic Charities’ Hostel for Men, an emergency shelter located across the street from our building.

One of our employees organizes clothing and book swap events for staff. All leftover clothing and books are donated to emergency shelters and any cash donations are given to Evergreen.


Law Society’s Green Practices The Law Society is committed to sustainable workplace practices to reduce our impact on the environment.

In 2009, we established a “green committee” with staff volunteers and a mandate to:

Promote environmental awareness, change, and responsibility by
facilitating opportunities for staff to make greener choices at work.

The Law Society and its employees have implemented sustainable workplace practices to reduce waste, recycle, re-use, reduce energy use and conserve water. We support initiatives to promote a healthier workplace, the use of public transportation and biking, as well as educational programs and awareness campaigns for employees.

A complete list of our sustainable workplace practices is available here.