2012–2014 Strategic Plan

The Benchers have approved a three-year strategic plan to guide the Law Society.

The principal goals are:

  • the Law Society will be a more innovative and effective professional regulatory body;
  • the public will have better access to legal services;
  • the public will have greater confidence in the administration of justice and the rule of law.

Michael Lucas, Manager of Policy and Legal Services, helped to direct the process. “We started planning for the 2012–2014 strategic plan in the spring of 2011, when we had about nine months left in the first strategic plan.” Working with CEO Tim ­McGee and Chief Information and Planning Officer Adam Whitcombe, the policy group considered initiatives in the 2009–2011 plan that were likely to remain of strategic ­importance through to 2014, as well as ongoing and emerging issues deemed to be of potential interest to Benchers and the Law Society.

In the summer, the Benchers decided on the goals for the 2012–2014 Strategic Plan. They then debated the merits of a host of potential strategies and initiatives brought forward in the planning process, as well as a few new ones identified by the Benchers themselves. In the fall, the Benchers prioritized strategies in relation to the goals, and after the most important were identified, they were distilled into the plan under the relevant goals. The final plan was approved in December.

The goals, strategies and initiatives set out in this strategic plan are in addition to the overall operational goals of the Law Society’s core regulatory programs, such as discipline, credentials, and practice standards. These programs are fundamental to fulfilling the Law Society’s mandate and will always be strategic priorities for the Society.

The strategic plan is available on the Law Society website in About Us > Strategy and Performance Management.