Succession planning webinar

Lawyers who missed out on the Law Society’s webinar, Succession Planning, it’s good practice, can now view it online and still obtain CPD credit.

Succession planning webinarHeld on March 8, 2012, the webinar is the first to be put on by the Law Society and was done with the broadcasting capabilities and partnership of the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC. Nearly 500 lawyers registered for the webinar – marking a new record for CLE-TV webinars.

The webinar features live, on-camera discussion involving Sherelle Goodwin, manager of Custodianships, and Bruce Thompson, a sole practitioner, as the experts, and Communications Officer Dana Bales as the moderator. The live webinar also included online chat and real-time poll surveys.

Succession planning is critical for sole practitioners, in particular, in the event that circumstances, such as a sudden illness, prevent them from being able to look after their practices themselves. The Law Society encourages them to select another lawyer – called a winding up caretaker – to handle such urgencies. The beneficiaries of succession planning include the lawyers themselves, their families, the profession and their clients, whose interests the Law Society is here to protect.

Lawyers who practise in a firm or who otherwise do not need their own succession plans may want to consider giving back to the legal profession and becoming a winding up caretaker for a lawyer who needs one. The Law Society has succession planning and locum registries – both are accessible in the Lawyer Login section.

In order to obtain free CPD credit for watching the webinar recording, it must be viewed with at least one other lawyer or articled student by December 31, 2012.

Watch a recording of the webinar on YouTube

Succession planning tools and articles

Here are the steps to record a group study credit for Succession Planning, it’s good practice:
  • Log in to the Lawyer Login section of the website
  • Go to “Continuing Professional Development” > “record/request credits” > “record your credits”
  • Type “succession planning” into the search box. (Do not enter any other details, including provider or course dates). Click “search”
  • Click on the correct record when it appears: “Succession Planning - it's good practice - webcast”
  • Enter on hour and the date of viewing
  • Click “get credit”

If you have questions about succession planning or becoming a winding up caretaker, contact or 604.669.2533.