Speakers Bureau: biographies of speakers

The Law Society of BC is proud to provide information about what it does and how to access its services through its Speakers Bureau.

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Deb Armour 


Deb Armour, Chief Legal Officer
Deb Armour is Chief Legal Officer of the Law Society of BC.  She has the overall responsibility for professional conduct, investigations, discipline, monitoring, enforcement, custodianships, tribunals and legislation. Prior to joining the Law Society in 2010, Deb was the Director of Legal Services and Chief Compliance Officer for Powerex Corp. Deb obtained her law degree from Dalhousie in 1985. She has been a frequent speaker at Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, Canadian Bar Association and Continuing Legal Education events.


Mark Bussanich 


Mark Bussanich, Staff Lawyer, Investigations, Monitoring & Enforcement
Mark Bussanich has worked as a staff lawyer with the Investigations, Monitoring and Enforcement department since January 2014. His primary role is to investigate complaints about lawyers. He obtained his Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) degree from Simon Fraser University in 1996 and his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of British Columbia in 2003. In 2003-2004, he was a law clerk for the Supreme Court of BC. He articled for Richard C.C. Peck, Q.C., and was called to the bar in January 2005. He practised criminal law and administrative law before joining the Law Society. He has spoken on ethics, practice management and professional conduct and discipline issues and processes..


Coran Cooper-Stephenson 


Coran Cooper-Stephenson, Claims Counsel, Lawyers Insurance Fund
Coran Cooper-Stephenson has been working as Claims Counsel for the Lawyers Insurance Fund since 2011. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan in 2000. He also holds a degree in law from the University of BC. Prior to joining the Lawyers Insurance Fund, Coran handled a broad civil litigation practice with Pryke Lambert Leathley Russell LLP.


Su Forbes


Su Forbes, QC, Director of Insurance, Lawyers Insurance Fund
Su Forbes, QC is the Director of Insurance with overall responsibility for the insurance program that insures lawyers for malpractice and dishonest appropriation. She has been a lawyer since 1982 and practised as civil litigation counsel in a broad range of areas before joining the Lawyers Insurance Fund in 1987. She was appointed Director of Insurance in 1998 and received her Queen’s Counsel designation in 2002. Su has made presentations to a variety of audiences including the Canadian Bar Association, BC Continuing Legal Education, UBC Faculty of Law, American Bar Association, and LawASIA about the program and how to manage risks related to the practice of law.


Margrett George

  Margrett George, Deputy Director of Insurance, Lawyers Insurance Fund
Margrett George worked as a lawyer in private practice before joining the Lawyers Insurance Fund, which is the compulsory liability insurance program that covers all BC lawyers. She joined it as claims counsel in 1988, was promoted to program administrator in 1998 and then took on the role of Deputy Director of Insurance, assisting with the management and administration of the Fund. Margrett has spoken to many audiences about the program and coverage, and about the risks related to the practice of law.

Kensi Gounden

  Kensi Gounden, Manager, of Standards and Professional Development
Kensi Gounden became a lawyer in 1991 and ran his own small firm practising in the areas of criminal, family and immigration law. Since coming to the Law Society, he has taken on a number of special projects, including the development of the Society’s online Small Firm and Practice Refresher course. As part of his role with the Society’s practice standards department, Kensi has advised more than 200 small and medium-sized firms.

Michael Kleisinger 


Michael Kleisinger, Unauthorized Practice Counsel
Michael Kleisinger is a staff lawyer responsible for reviewing complaints of the unauthorized practice of law and enforcing the Legal Profession Act through court processes, when necessary. Prior to joining the Law Society in 2010, Michael practised as a litigator in the areas of professional regulation, construction, insurance and health law. He volunteers regularly with Access Pro Bono’s legal advice clinics.


Michael Lucas 

  Michael Lucas, Manager, Policy and Legal Services
Michael Lucas is the Manager of Policy and Legal Services. He was called to the Bar in 1987 and joined the Law Society in 1995. He has been the policy liaison to Independence and Self-Governance Committee, Lawyer Education Advisory Committee, Access to Legal Services Advisory Committee, Delivery of Legal Services Task Force, Credentials Committee among others. Michael helped develop the unit on the “Rule of Law” for use in high schools and has authored part of the chapter on Professional Responsibility in CLEBC’s Annual  Review of Law & Practice since 2003.

Tim McGee 

  Tim McGee, Chief Executive Officer
Tim McGee is Chief Executive Officer of the Law Society of BC. He directs the staff and operations of the Society. Prior to joining the Law Society in 2005, he was President of Bell TV, Canada’s largest provider of digital television. Tim has a degree in government studies from Harvard and a law degree from the University of Ottawa. He practised law in Toronto for several years after being called to the Ontario bar in 1987.

Doug Munro 

  Doug Munro, Staff lawyer, Policy and Legal Services
Doug Munro has been a staff lawyer with the Policy and Legal Services department since 2006. He obtained his LL.B from the University of Victoria in 2003 and  LL.M from the University of Toronto in 2005. Doug has been involved with numerous projects, including co-developing the Complaints Reduction Toolkit and preparing reports for, among others, the Access to Legal Services Advisory Committee, the Unbundling of Legal Services Task Force and the Cloud Computing Working Group.