Complaints and discipline forms

BC Lawyers

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits 
Annual Practice Declaration 
Trust Report filing 
Mortgage discharge failures reporting form 
Trust administration fee invoices 
Locum and Succession Registries

Member status changes

Application Form: Request to Change Contact Information

Information Sheet: Non-Practising Membership
Application for Non-Practising Membership 
Application for Non-Practising Membership for Reinstating Members

Information Sheet: Returning to practice
Application for Returning to practice

Information Sheet: Reinstatement of Membership
Application for Reinstatement of Membership

Information Sheet: Retired Membership
Application for Retired Membership
Application for Retired Membership for Reinstating Members

Information Sheet: Withdrawal from Practice and Termination of Membership
Reporting for Termination of Membership

Information for lawyers who are suspended

Lawyers insurance

Information Sheet: Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance
Information Sheet: Pro Bono Services

Application for Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance (Full-time practice)
Application for Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance (Part-time practice)
Application for Exemption from Professional Liability Insurance

Trust assurance

Trust Report filing
Confirmation of Law Foundation of BC Interest Remittance Form
Payment of Unclaimed Trust Money to the Law Society
Schedule 3 – Declaration of Insolvent Lawyer
Transfer form – Electronic transfer of trust funds 
Trust administration fee invoices
Opening new trust account sample letter Word | PDF

Law corporations

Information Sheet: Incorporation of a Law Practice 
Application for Certificate Respecting Corporate Name
Application for Law Corporation Permit
Application for Certificate Respecting Change of Corporate Name

Aboriginal Lawyers Mentorship Program

Application form (mentor) 
Application form (mentee)
Mentee recruitment information sheet

Maternity Leave Benefit Loan Program

Maternity Leave Benefit Loan Program Guidelines
Application Form
Pre-authorized Debit Form
Notification of Date of Birth


Information sheets

Law Society Admission Program 
Reductions in the Articling Term and Credit for PLTC
NCA Certificate of Qualification
Articling FAQs
Assignment of Articles
Temporary Articles

Application forms

Law Society Admission Program Enrolment
Professional Legal Training Course Registration
Articling Agreement (supporting document)
Articling Skills and Practice Checklist (supporting document)
Reduction in Articling Term
Assignment of Articles Agreement
Declaration of Previous Principal (supporting document)
Temporary Articles Enrolment 
Temporary Articles Agreement (supporting document)


Practice Materials 
Sample Qualification Examinations: Part I and Part I answer guide; Part II and Part II answer guide
Skills Assessment Guides
PLTC Oral Submission Guide
PLTC Writing Guide
PLTC Drafting Guide
PLTC Interviewing and Advising Guide