Law Society revealed: a one-day insider’s view through Twitter

The Law Society provided the public with a glimpse of its inner workings on Wednesday April 18, 2012 when it showcased in real time on Twitter @LawSocietyofBC the work it was doing.

Throughout the day, the Law Society sent 100 tweets covering everything from phone calls it received outlining concerns about the conduct of a lawyer to where the public can find important resources. Engagement for the campaign exceeded expectations, resulting in an aggregate of 99 ReTweets and Mentions. Feedback on Twitter during the campaign was overwhelmingly positive. Some examples include:

“enjoying your open house content today”

“interesting stream to track”

“following this one all day”

Read the Society’s outgoing Tweets, which provide a revealing look at how the Society protects the public and supports lawyers in their pursuit of excellence. Each Tweet respected confidentiality, privacy laws and Law Society disclosure rules.

The event was part of the Society’s ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, and was initiated by the Society as part of Law Week, which is put on by the Canadian Bar Association in partnership with the Society and others.