CEO's Perspective

Pursuit of regulatory innovation an ongoing endeavour

Timothy E. McGee

by Timothy E. McGee 

The Law Society of BC is frequently acknowledged as an innovator in the regulatory field. We were among the first legal regulators to address issues like unbundling of legal services, cloud computing and alternate business structures, for example. And we remain focused on setting and maintaining the highest standard when it comes to effective regulation in the public interest.

To achieve this, we are now in the midst of several initiatives that are intended to improve our efficiency and effectiveness as regulators.

The Law Society recently completed a thorough review of how we handle personal and private information. Taking into account the latest legislation and guidelines and with the help of privacy experts, we now have a comprehensive assessment, including policies and steps we can take to improve on our current level of privacy protection.

The Benchers have also recently undertaken a full review of our key performance measures — those public benchmarks established in 2007 to evaluate how we are delivering our core regulatory functions — to ensure they continue to be relevant and provide an appropriate level of accountability and transparency.

Another project on the go is a review of the services we provide to support lawyers through our practice advice group and our online resources. Our goal is to ensure that we are providing the best resources possible to assist lawyers in complying with our regulatory standards.

And while it would not be new to many law firms or other businesses, the Law ­Society is implementing a new state-of-the-art online document and records management system. This new capability will be crucial to helping us meet the goals we have set for the future efficiency and effectiveness of virtually all of our ­regulatory activities.

Our investment in and commitment to these projects and others is part of our goal for continuous improvement in all we do. If you are interested in learning more about these or any other of the Law Society’s initiatives, please contact us at