Applying for an inter-jurisdictional practice permit

To apply for an inter-jurisdictional practice permit, you must submit to the Law Society:

  • Application for Inter-Jurisdictional Practice Permit
  • an original certificate of standing (long form) from each law society of which you are a member, issued within the previous 30 days;
  • a certificate of insurance from your home law society as proof that you carry professional liability insurance that specifically extends to your temporary practice in BC; and
  • the permit application fee*

*The fee applies if you are from a jurisdiction that charges a fee to BC lawyers for the equivalent of an inter-jurisdictional practice permit. If you are a member of a law society that waives fees for BC lawyers on a reciprocal basis, you are not required to remit any fee.

Permit validity

An inter-jurisdictional practice permit is valid for one year from the date it was issued.

If you are not from a reciprocating jurisdiction, the permit expires on the completion of the legal matter for which the permit was granted. If you are from a reciprocating jurisdiction, you can practise in BC for up to a maximum of 100 business days within the year the permit is valid.

The permit extends to appearances on the same action or information number throughout, including appeals.

A permit ceases to be valid if the permit holder:

  • is not a practising member in good standing of a governing body;
  • fails to maintain professional liability insurance coverage; or
  • is suspended or disbarred by any governing body.

Renewing a permit

Prior to the expiry of the permit, you may apply to the Law Society for a one-year renewal of the permit by submitting the same documents as on the initial application and the appropriate fee.