Lawyer Support and Advice Working Group

Lawyer support and advice services under review with the intent to make improvements

A working group of Law Society staff is conducting an assessment of all advice and support services offered to lawyers with the goal to identify opportunities to provide these services more efficiently and effectively.

The working group, headed by Law Society standards and professional development manager Kensi Gounden, is now conducting a thorough review of what lawyer support services are currently offered and how effectively they are delivered. The group will then benchmark current processes against other organizations and lawyer expectations to determine where improvements can be made.

An important part of the assessment will be a survey of a random sample of BC lawyers, scheduled for this spring.

“The survey will give us the perspective of the lawyers who use our services – what’s working, what’s missing and what needs to be changed,” explained Kensi.

The need for this work was identified during the Law Society’s review of its core regulatory processes, which was completed in 2011. Among the concerns was the ability of the Law Society to ­appropriately respond to lawyer inquiries in the face of growing call volumes and demand for ­resources, such as web-based tools and courses.

The working group will determine what lawyer advice and support the Law Society could and should provide, who should provide it and what the resource implications are of various support options.

Lawyers are invited to submit any comments or suggestions to Kensi Gounden at

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