Law Society’s Green Practices

Reduce waste
  • Default settings on printers set to “double-sided”
  • Electronic publications and meeting materials preferred
  • Electronic invoicing and employee pay stubs
  • Faxes distributed internally via email to reduce printing
  • Tap water instead of bottled water for meetings/events
  • Compost all food scraps
  • Compost paper towels and plates, compostable cutlery
  • Used office paper, envelopes, folders, newspapers
  • Cardboard
  • Bottles, cans, plastic containers, packaging
  • Old computers and electronics
  • Used binders not suitable for re-use
  • Batteries
  • Earth-friendly office paper products
  • Environmentally-friendly office supplies preferred
  • Suppliers who support sustainable practices preferred
  • Extra or unwanted office supplies
  • Reusable dishware and cutlery in coffee rooms
  • Plastic bags
Reduce energy use
  • Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting
  • Office lights automatically turned off after-hours
  • Motion-detecting sensor lighting in washrooms
  • Printers have Energy Star rating
  • EPEAT-registered computers
  • Frequency of garbage pickup reduced
  • Discounted public transit passes available
  • On-site bike room, lockers and showers
Healthy workplace
  • Earth-friendly options for office renovations
  • Indoor air quality tests conducted annually
Conserve water
  • Temperature of water flowing from taps reduced
  • Automatic taps installed in washrooms
  • Water flow of toilets reduced
Green education and awareness for employees

David Suzuki workshop – Facilitator and our “green committee” set strategic goals

“Green Acts” contest – Sustainable activities at work and home shared on the intranet

Used clothing/book swap – Leftover items and funds raised donated to charity

Stair challenge – Floor competition for the most stairs climbed in a week

Email challenge – Encouraged deletion of 10% of stored emails to free up server space

Office clean-up – De-cluttering of excess office supplies to be reused or recycled

Sustainability workshop – Topics included climate change and consumption issues

Norwex Lunch ‘n Learn – Using “green” cleaning products to reduce chemicals in our homes

Weekly tips – “Green” tips for the office and home are posted on the intranet

Links to “green” websites – Intranet resource for “green” information and ideas

Recycling/composting campaign – Employee awareness of our expanded programs