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Information on becoming a locum

A locum is a lawyer who stands in for another lawyer (the “lawyer/client”) to cover and run your practice, either for a specified period of time or some other arrangement, while you are away on vacation or sick-leave.

Locums can be a viable option if you want to get away from the office and don’t have partners available to cover your workload.

Usually, the locum will be retained to come right into your office and deal with every type of file handled by the practice. Optionally, the locum may be brought in to handle specific matters as is decided between the parties.

It could be full time or part time, depending on the arrangements each party agrees to. In our technological age, the locum could offer services off-site as well.

Finding a locum

Note: Before hiring a locum, you must be satisfied that the locum has the ability and capacity to deal adequately with any legal matters to be undertaken.