Legal Independence: It’s Your Right program launches

The Law Society and the Justice Education Society released the new “docu-fiction” video, Legal Independence: It’s Your Right, to high schools in BC. 

More than 450 high school law, social studies, and civics teachers have received this DVD and the accompanying teacher’s guide to educate students about lawyer and judicial independence. The video features three high school students challenging a fictitious law, the “Youth Gathering Act,” which makes it illegal for a group of three or more youth to gather in public after 6 pm.

DVD LaunchWindsor Secondary School in North Vancouver was one of the first high schools to put this educational material into practice. Law 12 teacher and vice-principal, Greg Hockley, taught a one-hour lesson using the DVD and adapting learning activities from the teacher’s guide. The students were actively engaged in watching the video, discussing the concepts, and participating in the learning activities. 

Global TV News reporter, John Daly, was on hand to videotape and interview this Law 12 class. Students commented that they could relate to the video’s Youth Gathering Act case, which helped them to understand the importance of the rule of law in Canada’s justice system and the independence of its judges and lawyers.

To view the 10-minute docu-fiction video online, visit