Transfer Examinations

Who is required to write the transfer examinations 
Where to write transfer examinations 
Re-writing a failed transfer examination

Examination requirements for transfer

  • Examinations must be passed within 12 months after approval of your transfer application, and at least 30 days before your intended call and admission date (Law Society Rule 2-79(5) and (6)).
  • Must be called to the BC bar within the calendar year examinations are passed (unless you are called within the last four months of the year).

Transfer examination details

The transfer examination covers general legal knowledge that lawyers are expected to have learned in law school as well as:

Subject Areas

The transfer examination is organized by subject area and knowledge from one subject may be required to answer a related question in another subject area. For example, Commercial Law and Company Law are interrelated and knowledge of both areas may be needed to answer questions in either part.

Examination Part 1 (Solicitors)
  • Commercial Practice
  • Corporate Practice
  • Real Estate
  • Wills
Examination Part 2 (Barristers)
  • Civil Procedure
  • Family Practice
  • Creditor's Remedies
  • Additional Statutes

Ethics and practice management questions are posed in both exams, within any subject area where they arise.

Where and when to write

Once your transfer application is approved, you may make arrangements to write the applicable examination at:

  • the Law Society of BC office in Vancouver,
  • another provincial law society office (you must contact that office to schedule your examinations. Please notify the Law Society of BC at least three weeks prior to your first examination in order that we have sufficient time to forward the examinations as required), or
  • a Bencher's office.

The Part 1 and Part 2 transfer examination must be written within two weeks of each other.

Failing transfer examinations

If you fail one or both transfer examinations on the first attempt you may rewrite the failed examination or examinations at any time. If unsuccessful on the second attempt, you must wait one year before re-writing both examinations, unless the Credentials Committee grants permission (Law SocietyRule 2-79(7)(c)).

You may review your failed examination at the offices of the Law Society or, with permission, the office of a Bencher of the Law Society. Re-reads of a failed examination are available on written request and payment of a fee.