Qualification Examinations

Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC) students must pass two qualification examinations.

The examinations are designed to ensure you know the law, practice and procedure in the common areas of practice covered at PLTC, and can apply that knowledge through legal analysis, to solve a client's problems.

Re-writing a failed qualification examination

Qualification Examination Details

  • Each examination is three hours long.
  • Questions may cover general knowledge of the law, but are primarily based on the the Practice Material.
  • Examinations are OPEN BOOK. You may bring the Practice Material, any relevant statutes, the Member's Manual, the Criminal Code and your own notes into the examinations.
  • Examinations contain mostly short answer questions with some multiple choice.
  • Sample examination questions can be downloaded or are provided with the Practice Material.
  • Passing mark is 60%.

Subject Areas

Part I Qualification Examination
  • Business (including Corporate and Commercial practice)
  • Real Estate
  • Wills
  • Practice Management
Part II Qualification Examination
  • Civil Procedure (including Collections)
  • Family Practice
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Practice Management

Questions on ethics and tax are posed within any subject area in which they arise.

Sample Qualification Examinations

Part I and Part I answer guide
Part II and Part II answer guide

(Based on the law as of January 2014)