Failed Qualification Examinations or PLTC Skills Assessments

To successfully complete the Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC), you must pass:

Academic assistance is available to assist students who are having difficulty with the course.

what happens when you fail an exam or assessment

  1. If you fail one or two assessments or examinations you must redo them, but you do not have to repeat PLTC.
  2. If you fail three or more assessments or examinations, you must apply to the Credentials Committee for permission to have a second attempt to redo the failed items or you may be required to repeat the course in whole or in part.
  3. If you fail an assessment or examinations on a second attempt, you must apply to the Credentials Committee for another opportunity.
  4. If you fail any assessment or examination on a third attempt, you may not apply to the Credentials Committee for a fourth opportunity and your articles will be terminated. You may reapply to the Admissions Program after a period of one year. 

Early rewriting of failed PLTC skills assessments or qualification examinations

Second or third attempts at failed assessments or examinations are usually done during the following PLTC session. As a result, you may be delayed in being licensed to practise law.

The Law Society may offer an early opportunity for students who have failed only one or two assessment or examinations, if waiting for the next session would greatly delay their license to practise law. This is not always possible.