Bencher Art Vertlieb receives Goyer award

Art Vertlieb, QC and Jerry McHale, QC  

Art Vertlieb, QC (right) and Jerry McHale, QC received the Goyer Award at the November 4 Bench & Bar Dinner in Vancouver.

Bencher Art Vertlieb, QC and Jerry McHale, QC, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Attorney General, were the recipients of the CBA’s Georges A. Goyer, QC Memorial Award.

A Bencher since 2004, Vertlieb was recognized for his contributions to the legal profession, particularly his founding role with the Lawyers Assistance Program and the Trial Lawyers Association of BC. In addition to sitting on the Law Society’s Executive Committee, Vertlieb is chair of the Discipline Committee and Delivery of Legal Services Task Force, and a member of the Independence and Self-Governance Advisory Committee and Civil Justice Reform Task Force.

McHale was recognized for his commitment to alternative dispute resolution, his contributions to jurisprudence, and for his dedication as a public servant. He practised as a lawyer and mediator in family and commercial law before joining the Ministry of Attorney General. He served six years as Director of the Dispute Resolution Office and was a founding board member of the Mediation Development Association of BC, the University of Victoria Institute for Dispute Resolution and the CBA’s Alternate Dispute Resolution (Victoria) Section.

The Vertlieb family  

His family was there to see Vertlieb accept the award.
Pictured left to right, Dan Vertlieb, Bev Briscoe FCA, Art and Mike Vertlieb.

In accepting the award, Vertlieb reflected on the values of the legal profession. “Our profession is marked by central values such as honesty, integrity, learning, and commitment. These values must never be compromised in the pursuit of justice. But there is one core value that we do not perhaps articulate enough — that is the core value of respect. Early in my career, I was told that you cannot be a successful lawyer unless you have the respect of your clients, the respect of the Bench, and the respect of your colleagues. In other words — respect for the law and all that it embraces.”

Created in 1992, the Goyer Award is an honour awarded by the CBA, BC Branch to recognize exceptional contributions to the legal profession, to jurisprudence, or to the law in British Columbia.

The award was presented at the November 4 Bench & Bar Dinner in Vancouver.