Transfers as in-house counsel

A lawyer transferring to BC from another Canadian jurisdiction under Law Society Rule 2-80 as an in-house counsel may apply to the Credentials Committee to be exempted from the requirement to write examinations or fulfil a reading requirement of Law Society Rule 2-81.

Practice Restriction

Lawyers who are called and admitted as an in-house counsel must practise law in British Columbia only on behalf of the lawyer's employer or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

Removing the practice restriction

If you wish to move into a new practice situation this restriction may be removed by the Credentials Committee.

  • If you are entitled to practise law in a reciprocating jurisdiction under the National Mobility Agreement (or at the time of transferring to BC were entitled to practise law in a jurisdiction that is now a reciprocating jurisdiction) the Credentials Committee may allow you to be relieved of the practice restriction on completion of the prescribed reading requirement.
  • If you have already practised full time in BC for two years, the Committee may require only completion of the prescribed reading requirement.
  • In some instances, lawyers must write and pass the required examination, or in certain circumstances (such as where the lawyer has practised full-time in BC for two years) by fulfilling the reading requirement under Rule 2-81.

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