President’s speaking tour rolls on

President Gordon Turriff, QC took his message about the critical importance of the rule of law and the independence of lawyers to Australia. Speaking at the Conference of Regulatory Officers in Perth, Western Australia, Turriff gave a keynote address, “Self-Governance as a Necessary Condition of Constitutionally Mandated Lawyer Independence in British Columbia.” Arguing strongly for the importance of an independent legal profession as a necessary component of the rule of law, Turriff firmly asserted that “we can’t be partners in lawyer regulation with [a government] we are bound to challenge on behalf of clients to whom we owe a duty of undivided loyalty.”

His speech at the conference in Perth is just the latest in more than 30 presentations Turriff has made since the beginning of his year as President to help to educate the public about the Law Society’s public interest mandate, the rule of law, the vital importance of independent lawyers and the need for self-regulation.

Turriff’s speaking tour began in February and will continue through the Fall. The latter part of the tour will focus on students and community service groups.

Public response to Turriff’s topic has been positive. Here is some of the feedback we have received on the President’s speaking tour:

Appreciate the society reaching out to the public.

I enjoyed the presentation very much, especially in learning more about the integrity of lawyers in these difficult times.

The presentation was informative and increased my confidence in lawyers because of the existence of the Law Society.