Bruce LeRose, QC, Second Vice-President for 2010

Bruce LeroseWhen a Bencher decides to put his or her name forward as a candidate for future Law Society President, that person agrees to take on a new level of commitment — to the profession and the public. On September 29 at the Annual General Meeting, Bruce LeRose, QC was acclaimed Second Vice-President for 2010. That means in 2012, LeRose will become the first ever President from the County of Kootenay. At the Law Society, when a Bencher is in line to become President, we call it being on “the ladder.” Here is a brief look at the newest Bencher to climb on.

Bruce LeRose and his twin brother Brian were born in Trail, BC on September 13, 1957. They and their two older brothers were kept busy at two family-owned businesses, the Terra Nova hotel and the Colander restaurant in Trail. “Janitor, dishwasher, chambermaid and front desk clerk,” LeRose recalls, “we did it all.” He now credits his Italian background for his interest in gourmet food and fine wines, but he knew he would not follow in his parents footsteps when it came to his career. He can only remember ever wanting one job — that of a lawyer.

LeRose was impressed at a young age by his father’s friend, the late Richard D’Andrea, who was a Provincial Court judge. He liked the idea of a profession that focused on helping people solve their problems. LeRose eventually attended the University of British Columbia where he first earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree and then, in 1982, his law degree. LeRose was called to the bar and became a member of Thompson, LeRose and Brown (formerly Geronazzo and Thompson), a full service general practice firm with three offices in the West Kootenay. He was elected a Bencher in 2004 and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2006. LeRose lives with his partner, Melanie, and has two sons (Nicholas and Alex), who are now both attending university.

In putting his name forward for Second Vice-President, LeRose says he wanted to give back to the profession and to continue the “tremendous” learning experience he has had as a Bencher. LeRose chairs the Lawyer Education Advisory Committee and sits on the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Special Compensation Fund Committee, Credentials Committee and the Mirror Imaging Task Force. He also chaired the Small Firm Task Force. LeRose looks forward to promoting the practice of law in smaller, rural settings, and considers it a top priority when he becomes President. “More than half of all lawyers in BC operate in a small practice setting, with no more than four lawyers in the firm,” he says. “The majority of the work the Law Society does involves these lawyers.” LeRose believes it will help having someone in the top level of the Law Society who knows the importance of supporting those who operate in small firms.

Along with small firm support, LeRose also puts a high priority on transparency at the Law Society, to ensure that regulation of the legal profession is well understood and viewed as effective.