BC lawyers approve AGM saving provision

In a referendum concluded September 3, BC lawyers voted 80 per cent in favour (2,484:589) to amend the Law Society Rules to add a saving provision regarding technical failures at a general meeting.

Rule 1-7(1) allows the Benchers to conduct a general meeting by joining any number of locations by telephone or by any other means of communication that allows all persons participating in and entitled to vote at the meeting to hear each other. Rule 1-7(5) requires that that be done in a minimum of eight locations around the province. The effect of Rule 1-7 is that, if participants at any meeting location are unable to hear and be heard by everyone, the AGM cannot continue.

The Benchers sought membership approval to add a saving provision to Rule 1-7, that would ensure a meeting would not be invalidated by reason alone of a technical failure that prevented one or more members from participating in or voting at the meeting, provided that a majority of the people participating have voted to continue the meeting.