Law office management

Closing a law practice

The following provides resources to help lawyers in carrying out your duties and managing your practices.

The sample documents are intended to give you a place to start. Styles of drafting and use of words vary widely among lawyers. It is expected that the documents will be amended to suit the styles, needs and circumstances of the lawyers involved.

Lawyers must exercise your professional judgment respecting the correctness and applicability of the material. The Law Society accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions, and expressly disclaim any such responsibility.

Financial / accounting

Garnishment of Lawyers' Trust Accounts [new]  
Twelve-month Law practice cash flow budget worksheet
Lost and Stolen Cheques, Bank Drafts and Trust Cheques: some modest but partial solutions, The Advocate 


CRA notices of requirement (Fall 2016 Benchers' Bulletin)
Ministry of Finance announces additional property transfer tax effective August 2, 2016 [updated August 23, 2016]
Supreme Court of Canada releases decisions concerning CRA notices of requirements (Summer 2016 Benchers' Bulletin)

Office organization

Valuable property record 
Resource Guide for Lawyers with Disabilities and Employers
Business plan outline 
Getting started: Opening your law office  [September, 2004]
Loss prevention planning checklist 
Sample associate agreement  
Lawyers sharing space

Safety and security

What to do if your laptop or briefcase is stolen [new – December 2016]
Suspicious packages (Government of Canada)
Personal Safety Handbook (2010, CBA, Alberta Branch)