Discover your insurance policy

Earlier this year, the Lawyers Insurance Fund announced a new chapter to its book of information about the insurance program and policies. That chapter is now published and available online.

My Insurance Policy: Questions and answers” uses straightforward language to answer questions such as What exactly is my basic coverage?; What if someone else makes a mistake, not me?; and What other claims and activities does my policy cover or exclude? The material gives lawyers important information ranging from how much the policy pays to how retired lawyers are protected. It explains clearly what’s covered and what’s not, and details your responsibilities as an insured lawyer.

The actual policy wording, including information relating to specific coverage questions, is still available, and “My Insurance Policy” references both. In addition, it offers a comprehensive, plain language overview of the full policy. It clearly explains the claims and activities the policy covers, as well as those it does not, so that lawyers can take steps either to avoid or manage uncovered risks by, for instance, obtaining other insurance. If you’ve always wondered exactly what your policy does for you, this is your chance to find out in a user-friendly format.

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