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Complaint form (online tool) 
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Complaints outside our Legal Mandate: information sheet

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Fee mediation

Application for Fee Mediation

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Complainants' Review committee

Complainants' Review Committee information sheet
Complainants’ Review Committee request form 

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Please note, the Law Society does NOT have the authority to

  • give legal advice;
  • intervene in a court proceeding or change a court decision;
  • insist that a lawyer take a case, remain on or withdraw from a case or do something specific in a case;
  • make a finding that a lawyer was negligent;
  • review a judge's conduct or review a complaint about a judge;
  • regulate the amount of a lawyer's bill or reduce your legal fees (If you believe the fees charged by your lawyer were not reasonable, there are steps you can take);
  • pay you money or make a lawyer pay you money because of a lawyer’s mistake (If you believe a lawyer has made a mistake you may wish to seek legal advice about your options. In those rare instances in which a complaint involves the misappropriation or possible misappropriation of trust funds by a lawyer, you should also be aware of the Law Society's trust protection coverage).

If your concern falls into any of the above categories, we recommend that you speak with your lawyer or seek the advice of another lawyer to help you with your case.