Aboriginal Lawyers Mentorship Program

Application form (mentor)
Application form (mentee)
Mentee recruitment information sheet

The Aboriginal Lawyers Mentorship Program is intended to enhance the retention and advancement of Aboriginal lawyers, who are currently underrepresented in the legal profession in British Columbia. This program is the first of its kind in North America, and pairs experienced lawyers with Aboriginal lawyers of up to three years of call.

The goals of the Aboriginal Lawyers Mentorship Program are to:

  • support the development of the knowledge, skills and attributes needed by Aboriginal lawyers to be successful in their legal careers;
  • assist Aboriginal lawyers in developing strategies to mitigate common issues that arise for many Aboriginal legal professionals.
  • promote collegiality to expand and strengthen the professional networks of Aboriginal lawyers; and
  • foster the retention and advancement of Aboriginal lawyers in BC.

Mentor criteria

Mentors should possess the following attributes:

  • membership in good standing in the Law Society of British Columbia, and not currently or previously subject to any citations;
  • more than three years of call in any jurisdiction in Canada;
  • established professional experience;
  • effective communication skills;
  • an advanced understanding of issues related to the retention of Aboriginal lawyers in British Columbia. It is not necessary that mentors have Aboriginal ancestry. 

To apply to become a mentor, please complete the Aboriginal Lawyer Mentor Form.

Mentee criteria

To be eligible for the Aboriginal Lawyers Mentorship Program, mentees should possess the following characteristics:

  • self-identified Aboriginal ancestry; and
  • membership in the Law Society of British Columbia, or active enrolment in the Law Society Admission Program.

To apply to become a mentee, please complete the Aboriginal Lawyer Mentee Form. For more information, see the related information sheet.


Read the article in the Summer 2013 Benchers’ Bulletin.

For more information, please contact:

Andrea Hilland, Staff Lawyer
Law Society of British Columbia
Email: ahilland@lsbc.org
Phone: 604.443.5727