Preventing claims

A first step in preventing claims is understanding why you are at risk. Thanks to a sophisticated coding system that we apply to each report of a claim or potential claim, we know that there are 5 key underlying causes of claims. For details, including links to our webinar on the 5 key causes and short video excerpts of LIF lawyers giving real life claim file examples, click here.

The next step? Review our material below for the articles and publications that will help you avoid claims in your own practice.

Risks and practical loss prevention tips

Practice risks 

Fraud: Alerts and Risk Management (includes the bad cheque and other social engineering scams)
Limitations and deadlines
Acting as an escrow agent, stakeholder or trustee
Acting for friends and family
Delegation (to legal assistants and paralegals) 
Economic downturns
Indemnities and dispute resolution agreements [new]
Independent legal advice 
Limited retainers / Unbundling
Settlement risks 
Undue influence
Witnessing signatures 

Area of law risks 

Real estate
Wills and estates  

Practice resources

Practice Support and Resources