David LoukidelisDavid Loukidelis

David Loukidelis received a Master of Arts degree in medieval English Language and Literature from the University of Edinburgh in 1980. He then earned his law degree from Osgoode Hall in 1984. After he qualified as a BC lawyer in 1985, Loukidelis spent the next year serving as clerk to the late Bertha Wilson, the first woman justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. His job researching and distilling the law for the judge involved, he recalls, a “steep learning curve” under the direction of an intelligent and disciplined mentor. He received his Bachelor of Civil Law from Oxford University in 1987, something he says would not have been possible without a scholarship from the Law Foundation of BC.

Loukidelis returned to Vancouver and became a partner at Young Anderson, a firm specializing in local government law. In 1990, he responded to a newsletter advertisement seeking volunteers to help create an organization dedicated to information rights. Loukidelis became one of the founding members of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association and, in the early 1990s, he co-wrote a position paper called “Information Rights for British Columbia,” which contributed to enactment in 1993 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In 1999, the Legislature appointed Loukidelis as BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner and he is currently serving his second six-year term of office. In his 10 years in the position, he has written hundreds of access-to-information and privacy decisions and reports, covering both the public and private sectors.