Legal Services Regulatory Framework Task Force

The mandate of the task force is to develop a regulatory framework by which other existing providers of legal services, or new stand-alone groups who are neither lawyers nor notaries, could provide credentialed and regulated legal services in the public interest. Specifically, the task force should:

(a) identify areas of unmet need for legal services or advice;

(b) identify who in British Columbia and elsewhere, besides lawyers and notaries, currently provide legal services and assess the current value and skill that those providers bring to their work;

(c) identify areas of legal practice suitable for the provision of legal services by non-lawyers; 

(d) identify the qualifications necessary for non-lawyers to be able to provide such services; 

(e) make recommendations to the Benchers for a regulatory framework to: 

(i) credential non-lawyers to provide legal services in discrete areas of practice;

(ii) set standards for the provision of such services; and 

(f) ensure that the framework developed is consistent with a unified regulatory regime for legal services. 


Art Vertlieb, QC, Life Bencher (Chair)
David Crossin, QC (Vice-Chair)
Satwinder Bains 
Lee Ongman  


Karey Brooks
Nancy Carter
Dean Crawford
Jeevyn Dhaliwal
Carmen Marolla
Wayne Robertson, QC
Ken Sherk

Staff contact

Michael Lucas
Doug Munro

Committee and Task Force Reports