Citation issued: April 23, 2014

Maureen Joyce Wesley

Citations are issued by the Law Society of BC's Discipline Committee and list allegations against a lawyer which will be considered at a discipline hearing. Please note that allegations in a citation are unproven until a discipline hearing panel has determined their validity.

Nature of conduct to be inquired into:

1. Between October 2011 and June 2013, while representing your client, MS, in a family law matter you failed to serve your client in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner so as to provide quality of service at least equal to that which would be expected of a competent lawyer in a similar situation. In particular, you failed to do one or more of the following in respect of the entry of the Order made October 20, 2011 (the “Order”) at a Judicial Case Conference:

(a) keep your client reasonably informed regarding the status of the entry of the Order;

(b) take steps to have the Order entered until June 25, 2013, or explain to your client why it was not entered;

contrary to Chapter 3, Rules 3 and 5 of the Professional Conduct Handbook, then in force, and Rule 3.2-1 of the Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia.

This conduct constitutes professional misconduct, pursuant to section 38 of the Legal Profession Act.